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Hello and welcome to Goodlife Enterprises. We are independent Real Estate investors. Have been for over 20 years! Our presence is based in Sunny Southern California. Where I, Felipe Borrero and Livia Perez-Borrero work hand in hand creating opportunities for ourselves and a few select investors. Over the  years we have purchased and flipped millions of dollars of investment properties. Which has taken us into works such as;livia1

Rehabbing multi-unit apartments which sold for a profit.

Felipe Boreero

Hello World
Felipe Here

Purchasing and managing rental units here and in Arizona.

Negotiated and procured short-sales and loan modifications.

Paid investors great returns on short turn arounds!

We follow other interests and disciplines including my practice as a

hypnotist. (Don’t worry I won’t mesmerize you into buying anything.)

A Production Sound Mixer in Hollywood.  (Those are the guys who record the dialog on the set.)

While Livia continues to work on the productions of movies and developing her own projects.

Running a mobile Notary Public Business and her Ebay accounts as well.

So in all we keep ourselves pretty busy.  We’re always looking out for the next big deal. We include partners in exclusives deals not published to the general public.  We are accessible via our contact page and always welcome questions and comments.    We look forward to hearing from you. Let us know if we can help out in any way.

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